Update on Haiti

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Hey EveryoneJust wanted to let you know that our LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute) people who are on the ground in Port au Prince, Haiti have confirmed that our friends at the orphanages we work with are in fact, all alive and accounted for. However, they have all suffered much loss as they have lost friends and family in the rubble around them, not to mention lack of proper shelter, etc.Today, our LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute) members helped people who were still trying desperately to reach their family members who had been buried deep beneath the rubble. There is little hope of any survival at this point, but one can always hope for a miracle.  We have two nurses from our Hero Holiday arm that have taken it upon themselves to get there and are now on the ground, helping out where they can.Our hearts are grieving with all of our friends who have lost those closest to them. Frantzo, one of our Hero Holiday Dominican Republic translators has lost 5 members alone and yet he is beside our team, helping to dig through the rubble. This is what it is to be the hands and feet of compassion and we are honored to work alongside of so many Haitian people such as him.There is great need for tarps, mosquito nets and basic needs of survival for thousands upon thousands of people. If you want to help us, you can go to our homepage and donate at www.LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute).org/donate.We are also encouraging people to give to the Red Cross, World Vision and St. Joseph’s Home for Boys.We will continue to keep you updated as we much as we are able to. Thanks for your support, encouragement and prayers.

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: January 17th, 2010