Vantage Point

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vantage-point-1.jpgHere in Thailand, our team is experiencing life in a whole new perspective. As our eyes are opened to what is going on in the world that we are currently immersed in, our hearts are being broken by the obvious exploitation and pain of poverty that is stealing so many futures, hopes, and dreams. This is what Vicky saw when we were at the Burmese border, working with the VCDF street team:“When you see a tourist, you would normally think that they were there to look at the city and its surroundings. As I watched dozens of people traveling through the border into Burma I wondered where their travels might take them. Only letting my imagination think pleasant thoughts, I wondered whether they might be going to shop in the fabulous night markets or perhaps experience an exciting tuk-tuk ride. When I heard a group of people talking, I looked over my shoulder and saw  about 15 Caucasian males , some in early thirties others in their forties taking photos in front of the Mekong River, which seemed perfectly normal to me.  There was one female in the group so I assumed they were not there for exploitation. A little while later a few hero holiday participants and I were walking along the streets preparing to leave when we saw it. One of the Caucasian males, who I had seen earlier taking photos in front of the river, was holding a girl about seventeen by her thigh.  My pleasant thoughts turned to nightmares and I knew that tourist was not there to browse the night markets or ride tuk-tuks. That night that teenager, who was my age, had been sold to man old enough to be her father.”vantage-point-2.jpgvantage-point-3.jpgVicky and the rest of the team are a part of something exciting – something that is bringing hope to hundreds of stateless orphans, young mothers, and their children. It is called safety and it comes in the form of a group of people who are committed to seeing them get off the streets and out of sexual exploitation and into a life of freedom, education and knowing they belong. We are honored to work alongside of them on this Hero Holiday.

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: August 8th, 2010