What They Are Thinking – Mexico.

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I wanted to take a second and share a few things. At the beginning of a trip, we ask each participant a list of questions. One of them is: “If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?” Here are some of the answers from the Mexico Hero Holiday that is here right now.o Bringing the values of human life to the forefront in priorities when resolving conflict.o Povertyo Child pornographyo Erasing world debt so countries can use their money for development, not repaying rich bankso Corruption in police, government, corporations and organizationso Less fortunate would have a say in what goes on in the world (Voice)o Prejudices that control our world. Would like everyone to love unconditionally.o Indigenous groups getting more respecto No more waro Better use of moneyo Eliminate povertyo That everybody would always get alongo I would change how materialistic the world iso Ourselves. As good as we can be, I think we’ve caused most of our disasterso End war and povertyo Povertyo More peaceHere is a quote I heard at a high school graduation three years ago, it is something I have passed on to most of my groups, and I would like to pass it on to you all. “Young people are to inexperiences to be prudent. So they attempt the impossible. And they succeed, generation, after generation, after generation.”Never underestimate the potential with youth and their generation. Give them the opportunity to live up to that potential. Don’t write any of them off. You never know who the next one who will succeed at the impossible and maybe, just maybe, we can tick some of the things off that list. If not eliminate and eradicate the items, I fully expect our Hero Holidayers to make great strides in the areas that they are passionate about, I can see them changing their world. Truly.

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: August 10th, 2008