When the kids are away, the leaders will play

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Kent the Kiwi (a New Zealander)., Ricky Martin (Cole), Pipes (Paul), and myself (Ryan) made a quick trip to the centre of DR, to Jarabacoa, after the first group of heroes left and before the second group arrived to partake in some adventure. I am a paraglider pilot so I wanted do some flying in the mountains, and the other guys were planning on getting some tandem flights at the same time. The mountain top was too windy so the guys tried their hand at learning to fly solo at the training hill.


That picture is Pipes on his first flight. As fun as that was, he much more enjoyed watching Cole running full tilt down the hill then abruptly doing a major face plant.


And all of us were quite surprised that a Kiwi bird could actually fly.  We also found a large waterfall to swim in and enjoyed an incredible restaurant called Lena Parillio’s where you get a gourmet meal that should cost $50 for $15.

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 13th, 2007