Why Beto Wrecked my World

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I have a new friend: his name is Beto, and he is the boss man out at a dump where I am taking a group of Hero Holiday students everyday this week. We go to the dump and we hand out groceries, meet the Haitian refugees that are there, and we learn to see life from where they are and realize that we are not all that different.


Today, Beto wrecked my world. He has kind eyes, and when he smiles, I see someone who

I would like to be a little more like, because he is teaching me about making the most of a situation that wasn’t his choice. He gives leadership to about 100 people that work at the dump (which really means that they are the ones who sort through every bit of garbage that comes there, find food, supplies, and bottles to recycle. This is their sole income and they are left with little choice but to do this because they are illegal aliens in Dominican Republic and this is better than living back in Haiti). There are many hungry mouths to feed and life can be harsh for them. The air is stifling and dry, and the atmosphere is pungent. There are many women and children there trying to fend for their families, and many men just trying to walk with the only thing they can own, which is their dignity…

When our team brought water out to the people at the dump today, Beto came under the tree to help me hand out the water. I held the cups, and he pumped the fresh, clean water out for me. After a couple of cups, we were laughing and chatting (as best we could…my Creole and Spanish both kinda suck!) and I almost dropped the cup when I was laughing. I looked down to catch it and saw Beto’s hand…and what was on his wrist. I stopped…and looked again…I had to be sure…and then I kind of choked back the tears that were threatening to fall…

On his wrist was a bracelet…and it said “Make Poverty History”.

Yes, Beto, I agree. I will join my voice with yours. I will join my hands to the same work that you are doing to make a difference. My heart is linked with yours. I am choosing to ‘Make Poverty History’ too…


Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 4th, 2007