Why Laura Rocks!

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Laura Rocoski has been one of our summer staff members this year. Laura rocks! Partly because she makes great eggplant soup (totally serious on that one!), partly because she has this awesome “I totally sound confident” phone voice, and definitely because she dreamed up an idea and made it happen.

Earlier this year Laura came to us with a proposal for a government grant to work for us for the summer. Laura had been a part of our LiveDifferent Academy and Hero Holidays in the past, and she knew she wanted to stay connected. Through her experience with LiveDifferent, she is now studying community development and focusing on international opportunities in school, and she wanted to take some of that goodness and invest it into LiveDifferent for the summer.

LIttle Miss Rockonski

Not every one is able to do what Laura did, but we want the world to know how much we have appreciated her passion, enthusiasm and her stellar ideas and skills that she put to work during her time with us.

Laura, on behalf of everyone in LiveDifferent and all the lives you have been a part of changing, we want to say THANKS! You are a rock star of compassion and a voice for change. All the best in the year ahead!

Much love,


Author: LiveDifferent

Date: August 29th, 2012