Witnessing the light bulb

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We’ve been on tour for almost two months, and our team has been all the way to Brandon, MB and back…which is ironic, because we are the east coast team. (And yes we know what direction is east!) We have taken a break in Hamilton and now we’re ACTUALLY heading to the east coast.

In short time we’ve been on tour, we’ve learned the importance of looking at the big picture and cutting out all the troubles. It is an important part when there are a billion and one things going on around you; realizing that even on those tough days where it’s hard to raise your head from your pillow, that it is still worth it. It’s worth the months of hard work put in, the dreadfully early mornings and the long sleepy bus rides. It’s worth it because when we go into a school, we go in with the anticipation to inspire.

There are so many reasons about why I love waking up every morning. I’m going to admit right now… I’m not a morning person, making those 5am wake up calls are not particularly my favourite things in the world. But once I’m up and I begin to get ready for yet another long day, I realize that I’m doing this for people who need to hear our message, who need to hear that their life has value. Kids who go through the daily struggle of finding self worth and knowing that they are worth it often need small reminders that they have something special to offer the world and that they are unique. That’s where our job comes in.

Seeing the reaction on a child’s face as they realize their life has potential, that not everything has to be covered up by a mask and that just being themselves brings me so much joy. Whether we are performing for 50 students or 900, there is always pressure, not only to speak English well as you scramble for words to come, but pressure to give these young people hope. Hope that they can actually make a difference in this huge world. I have the honour and the privilege of going into schools every day and encouraging the students to live life with purpose and have the courage to connect with the world around them. Talking to students about having those small moments of courage that they can use to push themselves, that is what we strive to do everyday.

One is all I need. If out of group of 700, there is simply one person who has decided to actually listen and take something special from the show, it’ll make all the hard times worth it. Because every time I see the lightbulb go on in someone’s eyes, I know that I have made a huge difference in their life.   

– Gina, LiveDifferent Tour Intern, Fall 2014


Author: LiveDifferent

Date: November 4th, 2014