Work Day One and Photos – Seycove Secondary School in Mexico

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There are two houses going up on the same piece of property. To our backs is hills of strawberry fields, speckled with the bandanna covered heads of the workers, with the sounds of the trucks going by. What can be heard over the generators and saws, that is. In front of us is the rodeo grounds. And thankfully so as well, because until the outhouse hole is dug to a good depth, the group is using those facilities. And please note, I use the word facilities loosely. By the end of yesterday all the roof panels were done, as well as two of the walls. By the end of today, the houses will be up. It is an incredible sense of accomplishment to see the houses going up. Gerard, our building contractor and local Newfie, is hard at work with the students making great progress. clearing land work site (2) family strength and beauty Guadelupe and Angela

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 6th, 2008