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    Everyday is a new day for everyone every where. Life goes on; you do what you need to do to satisfy needs and then hopefully wants. I did say every where which is true but here in Vincente Guerrero obtaining “wants” are months of saving pay and having all of your necessities  is a blessing.In relation, there was a moment yesterday while at our work site. While playing with the youngest boy of the family we are building for (Adrean is his name), he unfortunately obtained a cut on his heel. Whether this was from playing in the dry brambles or from his ill fitting shoes I cannot say. In an instant of finding his wound he said something in Spanish and ran towards is home leaving me to finish building our project. With a piece of tissue in hand Adrean came back to join me in fun while dabbing away the blood from his cut. It was when he started showing my co-builders his “boo boo” that one of them offered a Band-aid. As soon as it was applied my little friend stopped cringing and went on playing.Would you consider a Band-aid something you will always have around your house? Unfortunately it’s not that easy for everyone…~ AmberEveryone is different in their own way. Whether its from your personality or what language you speak, everyone’s different. During this trip I have noticed how different people are and how much they are willing to step out of their comfort zone to try and adjust other people and to their personalities or even languages.Yesterday at our work site, I noticed how much even the kids try to adjust to us being there. I met two boys, who asked me what my name was, I told them it was Paige and they tried for about 5 minutes to pronounce it right. But every time they said it, they pronounced it “Peach.” It was really cute and it made me realize that they are trying just as hard as us Canadians to learn parts of each others languages.So, whether people have different personalities, or live in different country, or even speak a different language, we shouldn’t and we don’t let that be a barrier for meeting new people.~ Paige

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: August 22nd, 2010