What is École L'Union? High in the mountains above the city of Cap Haitien is a small village called Calvaire. Most of the 1000 members of the community live on $2-$3 dollars a day, and few of them have had the chance, until now, to receive any formal education. LiveDifferent has been working there since 2010 and together with the partnership of the community members, we have been able to build a school that is currently educating over 280 children.


A safer and stronger future


LiveDifferent in Haiti

Making a difference through education

Education is a major tool in ending the cycle of poverty and we consider it a privilege to work with the families and community members of Calvaire to build a safer and stronger future together. It’s been great to see the sense of community and friendship that the teachers have with one another. All nine teachers make their way up the mountain every day to teach the kids. They all are passionate about seeing the school become successful and strong.

Providing nutrition to fuel their learning

Basic nutrition is something that we often take for granted, yet we recognize it’s importance for young minds. For the community of Calvaire, where poverty and malnutrition is an ever present issue, this is even more important. Thanks to a generous donation from DMS Industrial Constructors Inc and The Samantha Mason Foundation, construction on a kitchen for Ecole L’Union began in 2015 and the first meal from the new kitchen was served on February 23rd, 2017. To date, there have been 370,000+ meals served!

It’s an uphill climb out of poverty, but this community is supporting the kids every step of the way.



Katelynn Di Lello
I am grateful to have had the opportunity to stand at the school in Haiti, hand out meals at the school and realize first hand the impact it makes.
Katelynn Di Lello

This project is in honour of Benjamin Cole Brown and his commitment to the country of Haiti. The last message he posted on social media was this picture with the simple caption “#love”, a beautiful snapshot of how Benjamin viewed the world.

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