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Mexico, summer 2022

New homes empower families to live healthier, help their neighbours, and invest in their children.

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Be transformed by your time in the beautiful San Quintin Valley! Our volunteers work in collaboration with community partners in order to build homes for some really special families, so when you sign up to join a Build in Mexico, you’re signing up for an unforgettable experience.

Highlights of a Build to Mexico

You will spend your time in the coastal town of Vicente Guerrero in San Quintin Valley, which is found in the Mexican state of Baja California.

Only 20 minutes from the coast, but far away from the tourist-filled beaches, you’ll settle into dorm-style accommodations on our residence and be walking distance to candy, fruit stands, and tacos!

While in Mexico you will experience a balance of familiar North American food along with delicious Mexican cuisine and treats. All meals are carefully prepared and are nutritionally balanced. We also can accommodate dietary restrictions when given the heads-up during registration.

Build genuine connections with local hosts and a community that will leave an imprint on your heart.

There is nothing like taking part in local excursions that you’ll remember forever. One full day of your Build will be dedicated to exploring some of the beauty that Baja California has to offer.

Meet Rose Friesen

Manager of Operations, Mexico

"The people of Mexico have shown me what it means to be generous with whatever I have, and how to welcome others into my ‘family’. I love how they love a good story and a good laugh."

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Meet some of the families


Santiago and Clementina‘s family

Meet the Pacheco Garcia family! Santiago and Clementina grew up in the mountains of southern Mexico in the state of Guerrero, but came to the Baja looking for work and a safe place to raise their family. They have a eight-year old son, Alexander, and a baby boy, Leonel. Santiago and Clementina work in the berry fields and their family has experienced many hardships in life. They lost two children in infancy due to lack of access to medical care in the remote mountains of Guerrero and were forced to relocate as a result of growing conflict in the south. Their strong desire for a better life and a safe, secure place for their children to grow up is what fueled them to improve their situation. Despite the struggles they have been through, they always try their best. Building a new home for this family meant providing them with a sense of hope and, ultimately, a brighter future. Their sons now have a safe, dry place to play and sleep comfortably.


Prudencio and Gloria‘s family

Prudencio and Gloria have been married for the past 33 years and have three lovely daughters together. Before LiveDifferent, the family had lived in a small plastic home without a pad. Paying for rent became too difficult and they made the effort to move into their property. There were only two beds for the five of them and the family couldn't even afford a fence. Despite many difficult moments, the family kept a fantastic attitude to keep moving toward their goals. With a house of their own, Prudencio now works as a taxi driver and as a night shift security guard. Somehow he still finds time to go fishing and they like baking it in a clay oven they have made. They are also in the process of adding on more living space in front of the house and have added plumbing and a toilet in the bathroom.


Benjamin and Maria’s family

Benjamin, Maria, and their three children, Perla, Lucia and Miguel! The family moved to Baja California from southern Mexico. They chose to move to this area for more job opportunities and better education for their children. Until their Build, the family had been living in a small structure made of scraps of wood and plastic that sits on the piece of property that they were able to purchase, in the community of Las Aves. Benjamin works in the fields. To get to work he has to ride his bicycle to the bus, which makes for some long days.. When Benjamin was young, he dreamed of becoming a lawyer to help people. As for Maria, she is a very loving mother and takes joy from simple things like reading to her children. Perla Rocio, their oldest daughter wants to be a teacher when she grows up, and her little sister Lucia wants to be an engineer! The baby of the family, Miguel Angel, is just two years old and, like most kids, he simply loves to play. Benjamin and Maria said that having a new home has been a great blessing for their children. It gives Perla, Lucia and Miguel Angel more space to play and provides their entire family with comfort and protection. They are now able to focus their resources on other important areas of their lives.

Are you a parent with more questions?

By now, you probably have some questions! Check out our Parents page for more information and feel free to contact us any time.

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