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Through live storytelling and interactive content, we provide a platform to explore powerful themes that evolve each year.

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Utilizing our 51 ft wide, three-screen production, our assemblies harness the power of crowd interaction, live storytelling and engaging videos to unpack thought-provoking themes that change yearly. We craft our presentation around the inclusion of student voices from your school, as well as using the latest technology to keep our message engaging and relevant.

Circles sessions

Students can experience any one of our 6 Circles sessions in a library, auditorium or larger gym format.

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We’ve visited more than 3,000 schools across Canada and reached over 1.7M students.

Our Circle sessions are the backbone of our youth programming and provide the opportunity for students to truly connect and explore meaningful conversations about things that matter.

See a school assembly & Circles session in action

Breakout Circles discussion groups will be facilitated by our team and nominated teachers

Session topics:

– Authenticity
– Empathy
– Growth mindset
– Resilience
– Altruism (kindness)
– Values and priorities

The feedback from the students was phenomenal. It really couldn’t have gone better.

– Teacher in Ontario

Compassion in Action Workshop

Investing in Children - book drive compassion project

Putting the learning into action with a compassion project.

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In this fast-paced one-hour workshop, students will be activated to complete several compassion projects in your school. This is a fun, feel-good workshop that allows students to apply kindness in a practical way, in real-time.

Student feedback

In this workshop, students will…

– Make an immediate and tangible impact on their school
– Brainstorm what kind of project they would like to do
– Create & carry out the project

We will guide your group through a series of activities called a “Kindness Blitz” meant to energize and inspire them to think about ways they can spread kindness, set intentions, and take action. Our team provides all the materials needed, all the students have to do is be present.

Students are encouraged to continue showing kindness in their day-to-day within their school and community using their Compassion in Action program takeaways.

Circles Leaders Experience Training

Student leaders will gain some practical tools to foster empathy and develop a desire to see more authenticity in their relationships.

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The Circles Leaders Experience is a 90 min workshop providing students with a deeper understanding of how to facilitate thoughtful conversations with their peers and how to better cultivate a culture of kindness within your school. By focusing on the key principles from our Circles leadership training, student leaders will gain some practical tools to foster empathy and develop a desire to see more authenticity in their relationships.

In this workshop, students will…

– Host a discussion circle
– Gain practical tools for reflective listening
– Understand the LiveDifferent 4-step formula

Geared for: peer-mentorship and general leadership training (leadership groups, student council, etc.)

As a student leader, the intent when you lead is to simply spark authentic community and connection amongst others and doesn’t need to be a purposeful “therapy” group. While amazing, empowering things can happen when people feel trust and connection with those around them, Leaders are not expected to give any advice or counselling.

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