Always Have A Home With Them

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With house dedication day came lots and lots of rain…and you know what they say about rain in the Baja…nothing much because it doesn’t really happen (but of course, if any group could bring it to town it would be us) but never to worry, we’re always up for the challenge. 


Our morning started by getting ready to present the house in what all of us could only imagine as “The Ultimate Christmas.” But as we strolled around the mercado (store) we couldn’t help but think how these basic items we have at our disposal at all times could be such a gift? It was a realization to all of us. It was so easy to talk the talk about knowing the difference between a “want” and a “need”? But do we really grasp the concept in our everyday North American lifestyle based on consumerism and greed? How do we define a want and a need? How could it be that two cultures have such different ideas and concepts of these two simple words? It is unimaginable. How does this family wake up everyday with a smile on their faces, barely able to provide the basic necessities for their children, when we wake up everyday feeling as though our day is “ruined” when the internet isn’t connecting.




To watch the father and mother with pride swelling in their eyes, with the sheer knowledge that we could provide them with something they’ve worked everyday to obtain as a lifetime goal, was a feeling so rare and fulfilling. It is a change of heart; it is a feeling of ultimate compassion and love. As you walk away at the end of a week, there is not a day that a piece of you isn’t with that family and most of all, a piece of them is within your heart. I believe the most rewarding gift at the end of this week was to hear the words they spoke to us – no matter where life takes us we always have a home with them. We will always be a part of their family, and a part of a new life they have the opportunity to build on for a better tomorrow.


They taught me that no matter what the circumstances, no matter where life has taken you in the past or plans to take you in the future, just remember there is always a better tomorrow.


If you have passion for change, then you have passion for action.

If you are capable of giving love, there will be love to receive. 

Keep your hearts and minds always open and there is always opportunity for a new beginning. 




Emily, a School of Leadership Student living in Mexico

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: October 4th, 2010