Without Fail

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Consistency is sometimes a value that is lost in our society. I think it could be better referred to as “keeping your word”. We make promises very lightly: we say we will get together with an old friend when we may not actually intend to, we say we will show up at an event just to be polite, we even disregard bill notices sometimes out of our own convenience. Have you ever wondered what life would be like if we all decided that our word was our commitment and that our life was built upon the strategy of putting relationships first, rather than second, or even further down the list?without-fail.jpgOne of the advantages I have realized that I have had in life is that I have been able to encounter many different cultures. I have been in many homes, sat at many tables, and had many deep conversations with the people around the world that we have been privileged to work alongside. It’s easy to appreciate the shiny layer of another culture when we are just visiting their hotels, beaches or shopping markets – but it is a rich gift to be able to listen to their heart and see their world through their eyes. Sometimes what we see there would surprise even the greatest skeptic or critic – because once you understand someone, the veil of judgment is lifted off. When you gain insight into what motivates them, you gain insight into yourself.There is a little known area about four hours south of Tijuana, Mexico. The road to get there winds around mountains, passes many open spaces filled with cacti, and passes through many dusty, “one horse” towns along the way. Once you get there, it is at first very underwhelming. Back in off the beaches, there is little to see in the way of tourism and even less to see in the way of population. But that first impression may not be accurate. Down those winding dirt roads off the highways are endless stories behind faces that hold many memories, both good and bad, and many of those stories tell of struggles, hardships, and the power of hope.without-fail-2.jpgHe is one of those stories. Every day that he can, he is out in the tomato fields surrounding the community. On the days that there is work, it takes him over 12 hours to pick 80 pails of tomatoes. Those pails will earn him 180 pesos for the day. However, like the rest of the migrant workers in the area, work is hard to come by and the pressure to just be able to eat and find shelter can prove to be nearly impossible at times. But there is something different about him – something you would never expect from someone in his circumstances. Every time that we are building a house in his community, he manages to find time to show up and help our teams out – no matter what.There are no email notifications, no phone calls to remind him to show up, not even someone running around trying to find him to let him know we are back in the community. He just finds us. And after he finds us, he insists on grabbing a shovel and helping. He is always there, armed with his infectious smile and eager willingness to help – without fail. He is always the first to offer to do the back breaking labour, fighting through the sandy earth to help dig the most non-glamorous portion of the house build: the hole for the outhouse. His only motivation is to help because he sees the bigger picture. Revolutionary, I know.without-fail-3.jpgHe helps us to understand something: that no matter who you are or where you are in life, being a part of something bigger than yourself is the best gift you could give and receive. It’s what we were created for. His name is Pedro. He will probably never read this, but this goes out to him – for all that he does, and for all that we are confident he will continue to do. He is a silent hero, who always steps up, without fail.LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute)’s Hero Holiday program works in Mexico throughout the year – and you can join us. To find out more about our Hero Holiday programs, check out

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: October 5th, 2010