And so it begins…

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The silence here at the office right now is quite ironic! You’d never know Hero Holiday is starting today with the arrival of our out-of-province participants. Everyone just left on the “Cool Bus” heading to the airport to pick up our very first Hero Holiday arrivals. Yes, the same Cool Bus that travels across the country throughout the school year. I hope they cleaned it first 🙂 So, today is pretty much just back and forth to the airport and doing some last minute admin stuff.

We ‘re so excited to finally meet all of the people we have been communicating with over the last year and of course very excited to be reunited with many of our 2005 heroes. Vaden, Ryan (aka Statman), Michelle, Nurse Nikki and “Pipes” have already arrived in Sosua to get things ready for us. The weather is great! (If you like that kind of heat and humidity – bring it on!)

We’ll probably throw a movie on tonight in the Hero Holiday lounge and just relax. Tomorrow’s a busy day!

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 5th, 2006