We’re Here!

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Here we are at the resort. Everyone is here safe and sound. The flights were on time and the Jet Blue staff were so good to us. At JFK airport, there was a surprise waiting for all of our teams. McDonalds along with the other businesses in the airport organized gifts for all of our team members, a little momento of the Big Apple – New York City! Mugs and teddy bears for everyone! Our friend Poco Pelo aka Richard Weber and Genesis met us at the airport in Santiago – another happy reunion, especially for the kids and leaders who are returning from last year.

The weather is perfect. The ocean is beautiful. The first team is climbing on the truck to go into the village this very minute to have their education tour and learn about the culture. I’ll have time to write a bit more tonight. Have a happy day 🙂

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 8th, 2006