Anna Ciarallo

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n629115404_5660891_6932.jpgAnna Ciarallo has been a wife and mother for “many” years and she has three amazing chldren and five grandchildren. Anna’s daughter, Diane, has been a part of LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute) for over seven years, and over that time, Anna has consistently supported us and believed in all that we have set out to accomplish together.

Anna is an Italian-born Canadian, and many of our staff in LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute) can attest to her amazing culinary skills. People like Anna are what make all of this possible, and this is her story about why she is an LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute) philanthropist.Over the years, I have seen many young people changed and touched by LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute). The staff at LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute) are people who are honest, sincere, and full of integrity. LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute) is a light in the darkness and they are the real thing.I became a monthly philanthropist because I wanted to know where my money was going and I wanted to be able to see it go to people who needed it most. Supporting LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute) has been a great decision, and they have never given me a reason not to trust them with what I have donated. Through the money I donate, it is my hands extended because I can’t go and do the work myself. I am grateful for how personal LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute)’s communication is with me, as well. I appreciate their personal way of saying “thank you”.Well, Anna, we would like to say thanks to you as well. Because of incredible people like you, hope is more real and change is possible. Our success is yours.

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: October 5th, 2010