Awareness Tour, more like Awesome Tour!

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After finally getting a little bit used to the humidity and constant friendly smiles here, the Hero Holiday crew went on a tour around nearby communities that LiveDifferent works in. The windy bus rides were a nice break from the heat, but playing with kids in the communities for most of the day was worth running around in the scorching heat.
The community that we’ll be working in, Nuevo Renacer, is where the most hearts were touched today. Before we were even off the busses, kids that live there came running up to us. At first we didn’t know that one of them was Kendri, a little boy we’re building a house for, but once Joy told us, some of the volunteers who have raised children of their own started playing with him. It was touching to see them playing with children again, since their own kids are mostly grown up and they probably miss being “mommy”.
I think a lot of people had fun today, especially the people that experienced this for the first time. Tomorrow we start building, and everyone is super excited to get their hands, shoes, faces, arms, legs, and everything else dirty. Hopefully the farmers’ tans don’t get too dark!
– Melissa, LiveDifferent Intern, Dominican Republic, 2014

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 11th, 2014