Building, Bonding, and Bubble Blowing

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Today was an exhilarating first day of our build of Maria and Carlos’ house.   As soon as we arrived on the site, we sprang into action and everyone quickly dug into the many different tasks that needed to be done.  We mixed cement, carried cement blocks, and worked together to lay the blocks and build the walls of the house.   It was truly wonderful to see everyone working so hard and there was a true spirit of determination on everyone’s sweat covered face.  It was teamwork at its finest; everyone was willing to help out wherever and whenever.   To keep our spirits high, we sang, told stories, and took a minute to play with one of the lovely kids who was playing near the build.  By the end of the day, the walls were up and it was an awesome sight to see. 

The thing that truly struck me about today was the wonderful sense of community here.  This is a place where people truly love each other, care for one another, and will do anything to help one another.   Everywhere I went, I was greeted with a smile or a handshake or a hug from complete strangers.   Little children would happily run up to me and want to be picked up.  They were so open and so excited to see us and they showed so much gratitude for what is being done in their community.  It was very heart-warming and overwhelming. 

The highlight of my day was when I got to go and play with the kids on the beach.   Right away, I met Abigail, who came up to me and began speaking in Spanish.  I called on our wonderful translator, Judel, to help me and he said that she wanted to know if I had a camera so that I could take her picture.   My camera was at the build site, so she took my hand and walked with me so that I could take her picture.   We talked and visited and she said that we were “amigas.” It was such a special moment.  I really enjoyed playing with the kids and loved throwing the ball with them and skipping rope.   One little sweetheart just wanted to blow bubbles while he sat on my lap.   It was a truly memorable and wonderful day.   I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow!

– Corinna, LiveDifferent Volunteer, Dominican Republic, 2014

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 14th, 2014