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Gift Day101_4799 Hey all, it’s Kristi again and I have to say I have really enjoyed getting to meet all the participants this past week and I am honored to have the privilege to report back to Canada what’s been going on down here. =) The house’s are all built and the families are all itching to move in, so on Monday it was time to turn these house’s into homes. And how we happen to do that is to make every girl smile, and head out…SHOPPING! Shopping day is always an interesting one as the teams get to try out their bartering skills, and hit up local grocery stores to buy all  the goods any family could hope for. Some of these items include kitchen tables, cooking stoves, beds, mattresses, propane, dishes and food.101_4787 Everyone split up and headed in different directions looking for certain things to finally finish off this amazing project. I started off my day at the used furniture store with 2 different house groups, looking for some beds, tables, chairs and dressers. Let me tell you, this was an interesting experience. A hand full of people wandered around and with a list of what their families needed, selected what they thought would be then nicest options. While this smaller group was finding our furniture the rest of our group played on the exercise equipment, chilled out on the chairs for sale, and one of our leaders (cough-Jim-cough) even got distracted by a few fancy toys. This was a pretty quick trip, the groups gathered up their furniture for a reasonable price and even got delivery thrown into the deal.101_4802 We all headed back to the sites, where the furniture was very quickly being delivered. When it arrived, the families already smiling faces lit up. They knew this was for their new home, and they could not look more excited if they tried. One of the families sat by and watched as the group unloaded their new furniture.When one of the staff gave the father a thumbs up and called out “Bueno?” the father replied with a huge smile, an exaggerated not of the head and a loud “Si!” This was a good thing, and no one was about to try and deny that.I can not begin to imagine what it must be like to sit by, and watch a bunch of Canadian strangers unload a better life for your family, out of the back of a truck. And all simply because they truly care for you.All the participants were very excited to be able to present the gifts to their families, knowing that they were offering these amazing people something they probably never would have been able to give themselves. Or at least not easily.IMG_0002 Smiles, laughter, and excitement were abundant in the air on Monday. Not a single person on site could keep from seeing the good things that had been done this past week, and the families gratitude shows clearly on their faces.It’s been an amazing week, a lot of live have been touched and I am truly grateful that I have been able to be a part of it. The house dedications will definitely be the cherry on top of a great time, and I know all these beautiful Mexican families could not be more thankful for the compassionate young Canadians and the time they have spent with them this week.Buenos Noches, Good Night.Kristi

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: March 26th, 2009