Time for some fun!

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IMG_1059  After working hard for 4 days, we hit the weekend and time for some fun! Although everyone had lots of fun interacting with the families, they were all glad to get a day of rest and relaxation. Or…something like that. I don’t know how relaxing scaling a volcano is, but it’s definitely a fun experience none the less. We all settled ourselves onto the bus’s once again for the 45 minute drive out to one of our local inactive volcano and our entire group of 80 or more made the walk across the beach and down a very long, sandy road to the base of the volcano. We didn’t waste any time dropping our stuff, and bounding through the sandy trail to scale the side of a volcano (following a walking trail IMG_1055 of course). It can be a tough climb, but not so tough that anyone turned back. Everyone who climbed made it to the top, and seemed very excited to have done so. Then, following our habits, after snapping a few pictures we wasted no time in heading back down.I think the group might have been excited for some beach time.Although the sky was cloudy, and the wind was not willing to let up too much everyone took advantage of the chance to relax on the beach. Give some young people sand and surf, and they can find some pretty interesting ways to keep them selves busy. We had people laying out under the sun, or rather clouds, a footrace or two, and a few people even braved the chilly water to play in the waves. One of the participants got buried in the sand, which offered up some amusement for many of us…as he refused help in getting himself out, and after lunch we even found a dead seal. (In my opinion not as fun, or enjoyable…but I’m sure it will be a story to take home regardless. Oh dear.)IMG_1072 It was smiles and games all around, as everyone just took the day to enjoy the beautiful weather of Mexico (we have to admit that even cloudy, cold Mexico is better than snowy, cold Canadian weather). Everyone had fun, and after walked ALL the way back to our bus’s down that long, sandy road and across the beautiful beach … we headed back to the campsite for pizza & a dance party! We enjoyed a lovely dinner of pizza and salad…outside in the chilly Mexican evening, spent some good times hanging out and forming friendships, and at 7:30 the dance began.Everyone filed into the nice warm dining room, pushed some tables apart, listened to some sweet live music, and then danced the night away. Or well, danced until quiet time.I would say that rest might not have been the full point of the day, but that’s what Sunday is for. =) (Can anyone hear the beach calling again?)All in all it was a great day, and by Monday…we’ll all be ready to finish off the build and hand the keys over to some smiling families!!

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: March 23rd, 2009