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IMG_0966  Sunshine, sand sore muscles, sunburned skin, sweet Mexican kids, and an awesome bunch of teens! This is what our trip has been made up of so far, 6 days into the trip and 3 days into the house build. We spent 3 long days and 1 even longer night on the bus, driving all the way from Penticton to Vicente Guerrero. All I can say is, wow!Right now we are right in the middle of the good stuff, our house is starting to look great and it is such a privilege to serve these families in this way. They are literally living in a card board/scrap wood shack, these folks are poor. Very poor, they can’t even afford clean drinking water. We offer our water to them, since we can always buy more.IMG_0937 The rest of the community is in struggle as well. We had a guy stop by the site today with a very serious looking injury on his stomach. It was a very unpleasant (gross) looking wound, and he was asking for money to get treatment. We gave him some cash, and can only hope that he went for help.Regardless of their hardships though, the locals here are beautiful, happy people that do not really have anything. Very inspiring.As for our team, they are great. Everyone is very willing and keen to work and to learn. They love to play with the local kids, and they love what we are doing here. We were given the opportunity to go to an amazing sand dune beach. I’m talking, literally, sand as far as the eye can see and amazing waves breaking on shore. It was as wonderful way to end a long, physical day on the job site. The whole team really enjoyed it.I really feel that I am privileged and blessed to be here, I am getting my batteries recharged and my vision renewed! =) God cares for these folks and people all over our planet that are just like them. We need to have that same compassion.IMG_0931 Bye for now…Brian.

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: March 20th, 2009