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Hey all, it’s Kristi again and today I exercised my snooping rights that come along with blog-duty, by asking a few of our participants 3 special questions.As I went from site to site I pulled a few people aside and asked them 3 questions:IMG_0943 1. Why did you chose to come on a Hero Holiday?2. What have you learned since arriving in Mexico?3. What has been your favorite moment so far?Here are a few of the responses I received, in their own words…Kenny;I came here to help people less fortunate than myself, to make their lives better. Since I’ve been in Mexico I have learned IMG_0879 that good things go a long way, especially with the little guys, and that the language barrier does not matter at all.My favorite moment so far was definitely when my little buddy crawled out of the roofing panels, where he was playing, and ran up to me with his arms out … waiting for me to pick him up. =)Alyssa;I decided to come because I thought it would be a great experience to see how other people live, and I knew something good was going to come of it. Plus…I just love helping people out! While I have been here, I have learned that many people in Mexico work the whole day and make about $10/day. Sometimes kids as young as 10 are forced to drop out of school and start working, because their families are not able to support themselves. My favorite experience of Mexico so far was when we stopped at the super market on the way down, and a little boy came up to show us how he could fold over his ear and when he presses his nose it pops back out! He was so friendly, and funny!Will;I chose to come to help people in any ways I could and to better my knowledge of developing countries. I’ve learned to not IMG_0896 take anything for granted and living here, seeing the children, it just shows that you don’t need material possessions to be happy. My favorite moment so far is seeing the families faces when we finished putting all the walls up.Taylor A;This years trip totally blows last years experience out of the water. The families faces are what keep me going because they are the reason I am here. Helping people is what I want to do later in life, and right here and now. Meeting everyone, the family and fellow helpers, has LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute)ly changed my life. I have gained so much out of this trip and  I know that I do not need all the electronics, money, and possessions in the world. All I really need in life is love and family. These people have changed my life and I can not wait to finish changing theirs! This is the start of something new for them, for us and for everyone!—IMG_0857  As you can see the local kids are very popular, teaching some people life lessons and others just how to have some fun. Regardless of which job site people are on, and no matter how they choose to spend their time (with the kids, with the family, painting or roofing) everyone is having a great time and everyone seems to be growing in one way or another.I wonder what stories tomorrow will bring…Kristi

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: March 19th, 2009