Cauliflower & Real Talks

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I found out that I was allergic to cauliflower the hard way and up-chucked my entire dinner in a mall parking lot tonight. I can’t sleep, so I’m hanging out with my brother, Mike, and having some “real talks”. Real talks are the down to earth, nitty gritty, feelings, life and all that kind of conversation – generally reserved for family and close friends.

I am lucky in the sense that I do get to be on the road with my band (Mosely), because they are my family. Mike is literally my family, but I’ve known Mat for about 10 years now. And though Tom is new to the picture, we’ve toured together twice before, and we’ve all become fast-friends, so we are all familiar with my “real talks” and how they make you stay up and think about things.

Even though I have so many people I love with me, I do still miss home. But every day I remind myself why I am doing this and when I take that moment I realize that I am loving so much about being on the road, and I have this incredible opportunity to impact people’s lives! I’ve had young guys and girls come up and tell me that they have been through some really horrible stuff, but that seeing our presentation and hearing our stories has given them hope. They tell me that they no longer feel like they’re alone in their situation. 
I have been there, too. 

I remember quite vividly coming home from middle school in tears after being taunted for not wearing the right clothes or for being the weird kid, which was actually because I took an interest in art. It wasn’t “cool” to be the artsy kid. I am so thankful that I was never successful in my attempts to end the pain that my school mates inflicted on me with their harsh words. Instead, I endured it. My mom and dad played a big role in that, they always encouraged me to stay true to myself, but I can’t ignore the way my little brother helped me. Mike was going through the same things I was, but he still looked up to me. He thought I was a pretty cool big sister, and that I was really popular. I don’t know how he got that idea in his head, but it made me want to fight for him. I couldn’t let him continue to be bullied the way I had been, I had to show him that it was okay to be yourself, and even more so… I had to be there. I needed to stick around for him and for me. So, when I hear that these students are being impacted by our presentations, and that their perspectives are being changed, and they’re starting to realize their worth and their purpose, I am inspired to continue to do what I do.

Thanks to my little brother and my amazing family, I went on to do great things; I graduated from an amazing arts high school, I got a diploma in Broadcast Television, I realized my love for music and started a band that I am truly proud of. I also continue to be interested in and pursue art, because that’s what makes me come alive. This tour has made me come alive in ways I was not aware even existed, and I am so truly thankful for it, all the amazing adventures, experiences and all the “real talks” it has allowed me to partake in.

Dani – Lead Singer of Mosely, LiveDifferent Team Two, Spring 2013

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: March 26th, 2013