DR: a life changing experience.

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Coming into this trip, we didnt know what to expect. We felt excitement for our new adventure to come, but we were uneasy as to how we would react physically, mentally, and emotionally to the experience.Physically, we thought we were in shape, but to our dismay we were extremely wrong! With the sun beaming on our backs, kids jumping on you, and constant thirst for water, we found that feeling so exhausted had never felt so rewarding. Working side by side with the locals, only motivated us more to give it our all because they deserve all we can offer.Mentally, the visions of poverty have given us a true understanding of what hardships people encounter through life here. At times it has been straining to know this is a reality and that you can only do so much to help, yet it never feels enough. But we do understand that to them, it means so much.Emotionally, neither of us were prepared for what this journey had to offer. Never in our lives, in such a short period of time, did we expect to encounter every emotion. The mixture of sadness, laughter, heartache, joy, and frustration all combine into the most powerful emotion a human can offer, love.Dominican Advance School FenceThrew moments of weakness, we have discovered that ultimately love has been carrying our pain. The way they demonstrate their love for their work, their families, their friends, even us is so captivating because even though they have so little, they have the most inspiring life lessons to teach us.friendsAll in all we cannot begin to understand their appreciation for life and how grateful they all are. A simple “hola” sparks a smile with a wave and that connection, even if it lasts two seconds, is a bond created between two strangers.Nikki & Kayle- Students School Project

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 11th, 2008