House Dedication – Seycove Secondary in Mexico

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kels 006kels 057kels 049 kels 018 After some waiting and playing yesterday, we got down to the business of the house dedication. It was an opportunity for the group to share and express themselves to the family and for the family to respond.The general feeling is that we are all fortunate to have had the opportunity. That in it all, we have learned as much as we have given and have the satisfaction of hard work well done. Last night it was noted that this is leaving a legacy. This once in a lifetime experience for the family to receive a gracious gift given in respect. This chance to push the boundaries of normal, of regular, and dare, and risk, and make a difference in our world.After the well wishes, hand shakes and hugs, we hit up the local taco stand then the beach. There was a gorgeous sunset that night, it was a perfect punctuation to beautiful day.kels 020 kels 011 kels 003 kels 070

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 10th, 2008