DR: Will you love the unloved?

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hero holiday 08 252 My team leader posed a question to us after a day spent at a nearby orphanage for disabled children- What makes an “orphan” an orphan?Is it someone without any parents, a child scarred by abandonment… or perhaps just an individual lacking emotional and financial support?Hero Holiday is allowing each of us to see that despite our many differences in terms of talent, passion, finances and more… we all have one crucial similarity. In a world exemplifying so many global issues and challenges, we all share the ability to love the unloved. hero holiday 08 266We have been given the opportunity to reach out in a tangible way whether it be building a school, a house or merely holding and humming in the ear of a child who may never respond…We can all be successful at loving others.Lover Never Fails!!-Grace Voteary, Student.

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 9th, 2008