Fiesta! – Seycove Secondary in Mexico

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The last few days have been full of recreational activities, parties, and of course, work. A Happy Sweet 16 goes out to Shelby who celebrated her birthday on the 7th. We had a party at the Hero Holiday house, complete with cake, a pinata, music and… poker. (Mrs. Yeo won.) Throughout the week we have been doing fun stuff in the evening, hikes up a mountain at sunset, movie night at a local coffee bar and hitting up an internet cafe to keep everyone connected with home. roofing Tomorrow we are heading out with our adventure guy, Greg. The day is gonna be filled with hiking dormant volcanoes, crawling through lava tubes on a beach, running an obstacle course and hopefully some time in between some sand dunes and the ocean, relaxing and soaking up the last day of Mexico. enlightened I am heading out in a hour to the house dedication. The families are all squared away, the finishing touches being done on the houses as I type right now. There is a sense amongst the group that they have accomplished what they have come here to do. Everyone has done at least one new thing this week, most have done many new things. There is a feeling of challenges met and victories won. Adventures have been had, and a few more lie in front of us. changing the landscape I want to take the time to congratulate the participants of this trip. They have taken time out of their summer holiday to learn more about themselves and give unselfishly to families here in Mexico. The impact they have made will not be forgotten.

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 9th, 2008