Extreme Makeover Mexican Style

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This morning we were all so anxious to begin work we were up and ready long before we had to be. We quickly boarded the bus and set off to pick up Rita and her five children for what turned out to be our very own version of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition! The white school bus pulled up in front of the house and we waited in anticipation to finally meet the family that had brought us all together. They were so gracious, not the running and screaming you see on TV but rather had a quiet and proud demeanor as they made their way to the bus. Rita informed us that the kids had been up since 6AM and were just as eager to meet us. They boarded the bus, their arms full with the lunch she had prepared for us, her way of saying thank you, for coming to build them a home. I thought of how hard and long she must have worked to pay for it, likely an entire week’s wages. Had we ever been near as thankful for anything like this? You could see the excitement build in each of their faces as we got closer to the work site. And our day just kept getting better!We spent the morning cutting wood, framing out the four walls, and painting the sheets of siding. Not a moment went by when work wasn’t being done, not only by the group but by each family member. It was heartwarming to see each of my students bond so quickly with the family, having them communicate not through words but with the kindness in their eyes and the patience of their actions. We worked long and hard all day and not one complaint. How could we when we knew why we were there and the impact it would have on this family?building day oneAs we sat around the kitchen tonight discussing our first impressions of Mexico and the highlights thus far, I realized just what an impact it has already had on our lives as well. I feel so proud and blessed to be sharing this experience with such an amazing group of students and look forward to see what the rest of the week holds for us.Posted by Tina Smith

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: April 11th, 2009