Mexico Hero Holiday – April ’09 – Havin’ a Time!

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Oh my goodness. What an amazing 3 days we’ve just had. After traveling for what seems like forever, we finally arrived to Mexico and I’m so glad we did.standing up the houseThis is our third working day and it was the best so far. All four walls, a roof and the windows are in! We even had time to build a playhouse for the smallest girl, Rosie! She had been setting aside a pile of wood all week to create her personal dream home, complete with chair and table!This Easter Sunday has been the most memorable we’ve ever had. After getting covered in tar while constructing the roof, we made our way to the beach with the family for a quick dip in the Pacific Ocean. This day was incredible for both us and the Lopez family because we were able to have even more bonding time with the adorable children away the work site. When everyone was dried off (and thawed out) we went back to our dorms where we shared in a lovely supper. It was amazing to see the look on Rita’s face as all of the food was passed around and the smiles on her children’s faces as they shared laughs with our group.It’s hard to believe that a bunch of teenagers could get together and build a full house in a matter of days. But, what’s more amazing is how our memories are not from the nailing and painting of the new home, but of the times shared with the amazing family we were fortunate enough to meet.Even though we have all learned a few construction skills such as, how to tar and how to frame a wall, we’ve learned so much more from this wonderful family. Although they don’t have a whole lot of material things, they have enough love to last a lifetime, and each of us can feel that. The bond of their family and love for one another is amazing and we all hope one day to posess a bit of that compassion. They impacted our lives just as we have impacted theirs, but our memories of their love will last longer than a house.Written by:  Kathryn Guy

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: April 13th, 2009