First day, out on the work sites

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Today was our very first day with our new teams out on the work sites. We have 5 different teams and 5 different work site which include: Arroyo Seco- a school, Congreho- a school, Dominican Advance- building a fence around a school, Bernard’s House, and the garbage dump. Each of our teams went to a different work site and everyone worked super hard and had the time of their lives. There are little children at each site, so we all take turns playing with the kids, and working. It’s such an amazing time, the warm sun, the laughing children, and the satisfaction of knowing your doing something to help the people who really need it. Its such a great way to start off the trip!!After work everyone came back, went swimming, got some cold ice lemonade, and had a rest. Dinner was then served and debriefing of the days activities with our teams then started. Anyways… we’ve got a pool party going on now… so i better go, but ill let you all know how it went tomorrow.

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 4th, 2008