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Well… we all arrived in The Dominican Republic safe!! The Western and Ontario Departures both got off to a great start. Both teams met up in New Yorks JFK airport, where everyone met some new faces, the Hero Holiday staff, and got ready for the last leg of our journey. On the plane most people slept, traveling really does take a lot out of you. But at 1:05pm, a whole 55 minutes early, our entire team was awake and excited to be landing in The Dominican Republic and starting their time here.After getting our rooms, roommates and luggage sorted out, we had some free time to go swimming or take a nap before dinner. After dinner Christal Earle, one of the founders of Hero Holiday, did a little orientation of Dominican life with us and we go split up into our groups for the week. These are the groups that we are going to be with at all the work sites, debriefing sessions, and excursions with, its all very exciting. All in all the first night was a blast!!

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 4th, 2008