First few days of the Christmas Adventure…

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Hola Family and Amigos!

So far, everything has panned out amazing! It has been a blast for everyone on the team so far! We’ve been trying to keep our blog up dated but poor internet connections have prevented us from doing so. We were very surprised at the insane poverty that is taking over this area. When we got to the site where we were building, we were shocked to see that part of the family was living in a muddy shack made out of cardboard, plastic, and twigs. The expanding family of 8 could not live together in a single house and was in desperate need for another home on the site. On Sunday, we arrived in Vicente Guerrero to see our expectations blown away! The dorms were as good as anything you would find in Canada which impressed and surprised us all at the same time. When we first met Charles (The Director of Hero Holiday) we knew he was going to be crazy fun. From climbing into 15 foot outhouse pits to get a soccer ball and leading work sites, to taking hundreds of people down to Mexico and changing their lives.             On Monday, our group was very excited to get started on the project. We were introduced to a Mexican Fiesta at a Woman’s Co-op opening we went to. This Woman’s Co-op was built by a group on a fall Hero Holiday. After that, we started work at noon and ended up getting two layers of paint on Florencia and Salvador’s house, bathroom, and shower. We also built the walls and roof for their new house.  We had a debriefing time in the evening where we shared our first impressions.            Yesterday, Tuesday, we finished up the painting on Salvador’s house and got all the walls and roof up on the new house. We also got a chance to explore the markets in the afternoon and in the evening, we relaxed and played games at the dorm.

There are so many more details that we could talk about but we have such a small amount of time to say so much. Thanks for all your prayers and support.

Felize Navidad,

Jackson & Christa

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: December 24th, 2008