Mexico…Here we come…Eventually!

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Just wanted you to know about Christmas Mexico Hero Holiday ‘Roadblock’ that happened today(Wednesday, December 17th)…We were so incredibly excited and were down to 12 hours, 15 minutes, and 10 seconds left to go when we got a call from the people who we are renting the bus from…they had just found out that the greyhound that we were taking down to San Diego had some trouble…unbelievable!!! We’re so close to our departure time (6 am on Thursday morning!!!!) and now we might not even have a bus. You would think that this would throw everything into a tailspin but instead my husband, Kerry, remained calm and cool. His only comment was that he was so thankful that we weren’t in the middle of Montana when we found this out!! The guys went into action immediately and by now (11:30 at night) have a couple of very good options for the morning…we have 4 vans lined up if we need them…we still have the bus option (We really want to leave at 12:00 pm tomorrow) depending on if they have found the problem by that time and depending on how big the problem is…and we have just found out about the option of another greyhound bus but that one is a lot more money than we had been budgeting for… I am sure that we will have clear direction by morning… The team is ready  to do amazing things and I am very intrigued as to how things will pan out (even if it isn’t exactly like we had planned)…we’ll keep you posted…Map of Bus RouteThis afternoon (Thursday, December 18th), Hero Holiday received word that Barb and the rest of the Christmas Hero Holiday crew were able to use a famous hockey team’s bus…the Winkler Flyers!!!!! The excitement level has sky rocketed again for this team as all their plans have come through as well as generous donation for the extra cost of this new bus! Someone is definitely looking out for them. They are all expected to arrive in San Diego on Saturday.Safe Travels Guys!!

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: December 18th, 2008