“Friends” – Final Thought From School Of Leadership Community Build In Mexico

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smooth coating Thursday was our last day of building and consisted mainly of spreading and smoothing skim-coat on the walls. We had a late start and then spent the day filling all the corners and cracks with cement, of course there wasn’t much to do so we got off track a few times. Onesimo and I got in minor water fights all day. I decided to end the day by dumping water on Onesimo and then running to the van as it drove off, I got him nice and soaked and then ran off. However, we realized that we had taken all the drills and they needed one for the door. When we got back Onesimo was waiting with a bucket but got more water on himself than me. A great end to a great day.  It was a honor to work along side the community of Zapata and to get to know these incredible people as our dear friends!

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: May 3rd, 2011