Home Sweet Home!

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After a 7 week tour, the thought of going back home is an amazing feeling. But for a lot of us on tour dsc01331.JPGvisiting home isn’t really an option because of how far away it actually is. For us, improvising home has become a reality. For this four month adventure my “home” is our house in Hamilton. We call it the Magill house. Now it doesn’t have the charm of my house back in Newfoundland, or any of my family members BUT it has personal space. On tour, after living on a school bus and out of family’s homes you start to realize that there is no personal space. It really is all part of the experience of tour but you really start to miss it after, let’s say … 7 weeks haha. The Magill house can get pretty crazy at times, when both road teams are home there can be up to 18 people living in the house, don’t worry we have 2 kitchens, 3 bathrooms 7 decent sized bedrooms and a LOT of bunk beds.

dscf0444.JPGEven though our “house mom” Mandy just moved in with a flat screen TV, life in the Magill house isn’t always easy. Despite not actually being “on tour” we still have Think Day’s in local schools every day. I say “local schools” because that’s what’s on our schedule but these “local shows” can be up to 2.5 hours away. This means morning’s that start around 5am, and at the end of the day you arrive home and get to cook your own meals. It can make for a long day but it is nice to have a little break from tour.

Home to me still is where my family lives back in Newfoundland, but for this adventure I’ve had to improvise a little. My friends on tour have become my family and the bus and Magill house have become my home. What defines home for you?

dscf0407.JPGMatt, a School of Leadership student on the road

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: April 25th, 2011