Good Morning Mexico!

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Here comes building day two! The excitement level is at the ‘we love our cereal’ level, but the chit chat is about how much can be accomplished today. The walls are going up and the roof is going one Our Christmas crew are all here, despite the best efforts of a snowstorm in eastern Canada. There were canceled flights, delayed flights, missed connections and ‘delayed’ baggage. Baggage that according to one of the air line agent, and I quote, “Are probably out there somewhere.” Hmm. Probably. The trip started on Mexican time, and what a lovely time that is. The work went well yesterday, lots of bent nails and jokes about that. Gerard, our local Newfie Hero Holiday builder, is having a great time with all the nails that the girls ‘got started for him’. The walls are all framed and sheeted and the roof panels framed and ready to go up. Today…tar. Hooray. A little household tip fro our experience in with tar, gasoline will take it off the skin, but a friendlier way to do it is baby oil. There we are, some of us are smarter now then we were a moment before. fisch tacos The skeleton is of a whale, we pass it every day going to the site outside a “fisch taco” stand. Last night we made sure we were all in the Christmas spirit, and decorated the tree we picked up in Ensenada. Great fun, Charles and Tricia’s boys (Hero Holiday Director) sons pitched in with great gusto, and inexact placement. All in all…a great start, a great day and very much looking forward to a great Christmas. Xmas Tree

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: December 20th, 2007