Lori’s House

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One of the houses that were built with the team in November was built in memory of Lori. Friends and family raised the funds for the project and left a memorable and meaningful mark with a family and a community in Mexico. The following is a message from her family. Lori's house with the family and work team Our daughter Lori Ann was a loving and caring person, always ready with a helping hand for anyone who was in need. She would fight to the bitter end to make sure justice was done no matter who it was. Lori loved Mexico and the people of Mexico, she was especially fond of the children. She had many friends in Mexico and always enjoyed going to their homes for a visit, cheering at a soccer game or enjoying the children’s birthday parties as well. Lori would be so happy that “Lori’s House” is built in her memory for a needy family in Mexico. Ho proud and honoured she would be. We thank everyone involved in the project so very much, from the people who donated to the builders.Lori passed away September 2006, way too soon, she was so loved and is missed very much. Mom (Jean)Dad (Gary) Brother (Scott)

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: December 9th, 2007