Great Opportunity – Road Team Assistant Positions Open!

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Road Team Assistant

Do you have a desire to be a part of what LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute) is doing in high schools across Canada? Would you like the opportunity to travel across our nation, meet amazing people, become an advocate for change, and be a part of something that is helping to shape the next generation? Why not consider joining an LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute) road team for the Think Day spring 2009 tour?We have openings for Road Team Assistants for our Jan 19 to May 30 2009 Canadian school tours. Here is a brief description of the position:

  • Qualifications:
    • Good Public Skills: willingness to share your story and speak in front of crowds
    • Team Work and Interpersonal Skills: able to work well as part of a team and interact maturely with other team members
    • Willingness to learn new skills in both the technical requirements and the interpersonal opportunities that Think Day offers
  • Compensation:In addition to a small bi-weekly stipend, we will provide free housing while local in Hamilton (you provide your own food),  and we will cover food and lodging costs while touring.

For more information, contact christal@Live Different (formerly Absolute).org.

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: December 8th, 2008