The Best Christmas Experience…

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Christmas can mean many things to many people: for some of us, it is a time we look forward to as we get together and catch up with those that are close to us. To some of us, Christmas can seem very overwhelming or we can feel that it is much too commercialized.(I know that I personally dread going into the busy mall and being surrounded by people who often seem to be the most uncheerful givers!)Christmas Mexico     A group from Manitoba have decided to get away from it all and go back to the true meaning of Christmas: to give the Gift of Love. This Christmas, these amazing people will be giving a family in Mexico ultimate gift: a home that they have only dreamed of!Each member of this Hero Holiday team was asked what they most look forward to, and this is their answers:

Jessica – I am most excited to see the people that live there and the family that will be living in the house.

Harvey – I’m excited about sharing this experience with our kids. I’m also looking forward to meeting the family we’re helpingBarb – Kerry and I have dreamed about taking our kids on a humanitarian trip for so many years and it’s finally happening!!! I’m also blown away by how passionate each one of my children and husband is about making a difference in this world. I can hardly wait to see how our lives will be changed and I am so excited to finally meet the family who we are building the house for!

Quinton – I’m excited about building a house and tasting new foods.

Jackson  – I’m excited about being in a place I’ve never been before.Hannah – I’m looking forward to the scenery, to speaking Spanish, and to fun traveling!!Christa – I’ve been wanting to go on a mission trip for a very long time! I am so pumped to build that house and see the looks on the family’s faces!Judy – I am excited about working together with others I hardly know and being part of an awesome “gift” to a family!Alison – I am wicked excited to see how those people live, and hope that I will come back as a changed person and more grateful and blessed!Danae – I have been dreaming about experiencing Christmas in another culture.Kelsey – I am really pumped about meeting the little kids and being able to make them smile and give them hope again!!Jeannine – I can’t wait to interact with the locals especially the children – and watch my own children do the same!Ashton – Everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Alyia – I can’t wait to meet all the kids!Gina – I’m extremely excited about learning about a different country and culture. The thing I’ve been looking forward to and thinking about the most is meeting the kids. I can’t wait to play with them and create some new relationships.

Thomas –  I’m excited about doing something different for Christmas, helping less those who are less fortunate, and touring Mexico!!

Lori –  I’m excited about building, meeting new people, and being surrounded by another culture, language, etc.Savannah – I’m excited to see all the little kids and to play with them and make a difference in all the people’s lives there!!So, stay tuned! There is more to come from this group as they travel across the country in a bus and continue their 2008 Hero Holiday Christmas Adventure!

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: December 8th, 2008