Greetings from Mexico!

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Greetings from Mexico

So we are all safe and sound here at our base Vicente Gurrero. Although we have had a long journey our team is feeling renewed and ready to go for our first day at the building sites. On Friday we arrived in Los Angeles and kicked it off with a trip to ‘In-N-Out Burger’ which was a pleasant experience for all involved. From there we made our way through the Friday L.A. traffic to San Diego where we took a stroll along the Board Walk snapping pictures all the way. After our refreshing trundle our team headed to our hotel and then split up to explore our options for dinner. On Saturday morning while some of the team members were woken up by the sound of their alarm clocks, others were woken up by the sound of screaming coming from room 158. Four ladies by the names of Christine, Alisha, Meghan, and Lisa discovered that they had acquired a new friend during the night. They called him Mister. Massive Cockroach. Enough said. Luckily Starbucks was nearby to save the day. After a brief refueling in the caffeine department we made our way to the Mexican boarder where we fortunately got the okay to enter without any problems or major searches. The rest of the trip consisted of pit stops at a local beach, as well as a lunch break at a taco stand MUY BEUNO! Finally we made it to our destination but before the final stop we made a special trip to meet the families we are building for. It was a wonderful refresher of why we are doing what we are doing. We were greeted by many local children with bright eyes and big smile’s. And of course we were ready to play! All of us enjoyed kicking around a soccer ball or tossing a frizbee with a child, and I think we would all agree that the language barrier was no match for the smiles and giggle’s we all shared! After a sad but promising goodbye we came back and enjoyed pizza for dinner before we had a fiesta with a group visiting from Newfoundland, there was mucho fun had by all!

Tomorrow is our first building day, so please pray for our safety and positive attitudes as we’re finally fulfilling what God has planned out for us and these families.

That’s all for now, as we are fiesta’d out from our night of partying with the Newfie’s (Sorry, we just had to throw that in there).


Hasta Manana!

-Lisa & Meghan


Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 18th, 2010