Heartbeats and Mud Baths

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How the time flies. It is speeding by at an incredulous rate; I wish we could just press pause and stop. Breathe, and bottle up these moments of the best days of our lives. It seems as though every day a miracle is waiting to happen.

The medical team has been making amazing progress in every village they visit. Originally, the plan was to start a clinic today at the dump worker’s village. Many families reside there, and we apprehended a very busy schedule, so we began a day early. We were right. Yesterday our fabulous nurses and Dr. Yogi saw around 100 patients, from newborn to grannys. Today, they saw well over that number. A pregnant woman got to hear her baby’s heartbeat for the first time through a stethoscope, and was LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute)ly glowing. Her daughter was there with her, also. The mother made sure she got to hear her new sibling, and the joy and excitement on her face was incredible. To make miracles even more unbelievable, what do you know; there were 2 heartbeats. Just like something from a fairytale.


At the new school project, the “mud pit”, (as it is now referred to) is muddier by the minute. Team workers had to be hosed off before they could board the bus as they were covered from head to toe. No matter how messy a job it is, they seem to come back loving it every time. At the two story church/community centre/school, the finishing touches have begun. The first of four pillars was poured today, a cylindrical support beam. The stairs have been poured, finally, after a month of wood pieces nailed to a concrete ramp. On the second level, which will serve as the school, all the walls are completed. Two of the five classrooms have finished flooring. A swingset donated by Hero Holiday is in the ground (about 3 feet deep), and may even be cemented in tomorrow. The fence surrounding the grounds is looking good; the first layer of bricks have been laid. Not much more to go. We are nearing completion of this 2-year project! What once started out as a dream is now truely reality. Especially come September, when hundreds more kids are able to attend a free school in real classrooms!


Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 30th, 2007