Participant Blog:I Will Do Something

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DSC_6737.JPG Realizing that the food that I eat is something that he may never even dream about. The other day when I was working at one of the school sites I saw a little boy that was just sitting on the step not sitting with anyone, or playing with anyone, or even talking to any of the other Dominican children. When I tried to connect with him I realized that there was something different about this child. Not only that he was shy. I went back to work for a little while, but as I was taking a water break I realized that this little boy was now sitting in a little tree all by himself. I went back and I tried to talk to him and play with him for a little while and after about five minutes of trying his older brother came to help me. While I was connecting with his brother I asked (in very rough spanish) what was wrong with the little boy. He looked at me and said “ello es hambre” which means “he is hungry.” Looking my little friend in the eyes after hearing this filled me with an overwhelming sense that there was no hope in the world for little boys and girls like this one. I then realized that no matter what they think, I will do something…

~Sydnee Harrison

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Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 30th, 2007