Hey Mom, We Made it!

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First off, our apologies to all of those concerned moms and dads back in Canada – we’re all here and safe! Today was our first day visiting the communities in which we will be helping. Meeting with the people of these communities reminded me of why we chose to come here- To help others who aren’t as fortunate to have access to the necessities for health and health care as we do. We are nursing students and are here in Sosua with 16 other students and professionals of a similar field or interest.


Today we went to La Union and Arroyo Seco, the two Haitian villages near Sosua that we will be providing care to. Riding through the communities on the bus, it was the first visual of the places that these people call home. It was evident that these people do not have much, but their affection towards their families, community members and us strangers was heartwarming. This alone was a life changing experience. The children were anxious to make new friends and to hold our hands, and accompany us on our visit. Everyone waved “see you later” as they expect our return.
We spent much time today preparing for the first day of the clinic tomorrow. We sorted and packaged thousands of medications and supplies that will be used over the coming week. It was clearly apparent that donations made it possible for us to give the proper care to the people we will see this week (thank you to everyone who helped out!). It is hard to know what to expect tomorrow – we are prepared and organized logistically and are hoping that things run smoothly. Personally though, I think we are all trying to mentally prepare ourselves more than anything. If what we saw today is indicative of what we will experience tomorrow, I know that our hearts will be full – “My pockets were not full, but my heart was” (Dr. Reginald Kerolle, Haitian Doctor).
Vanessa & Amanda – LiveDifferent Hero Holiday Volunteers, Dominican Republic Medical Trip 2012

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: August 20th, 2012