Nicki’s Blog – Dedication Day (MX Intern 2012)

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Dedication day’, two words that no one knows the meaning of until they get the amazing opportunity to experience it for themselves.

To put it shortly, Its a day where you’re able to give a deserving family their brand new home that — in just four days– was built for them. There is much more too it though, it is a day full of pleasure and emotions.

The day begins with everyone wondering what they’re going to say to the family, as you will want to have a small speech prepared that will express your time with them in those short four days. So many emotions running through everyone’s minds as they picture what will happen on that part of the journey; both good and bad. Good because you have done an amazing thing by providing these wonderful people with a new home to grow and love their family. A place where they’re safe. More emotions come from the feeling of accomplishment when you see the joy on their faces after handing over the keys to their new home. As everyone lines up in a semicircle surrounding the family and home, the dedication begins. One by one everyone that built the house speaks about how they interpreted the experience and how they hope that the family will enjoy their new place they call home. I personally get emotional because of how bittersweet it is to see their faces light up because of what we have just done for them. Bitter because I hate to see us go knowing it won’t be at least a year until we meet again.

Doing this for the third time in a span of two years is the most fantastic and heartwarming feeling I have ever felt. Even though I’ve been through it more than once, I still don’t know what to expect until I actually do experience it again. You cannot put the feelings down in writing, you cannot tell someone what you and everyone else has felt on that day no matter how hard you try. It’s unexplainable, you’re speechless. I highly recommend that everyone gets to go through this at least once in their lives, it changes you, forever.


Nicki – LiveDifferent Hero Holiday Intern, Mexico, Summer 2012

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: August 20th, 2012