House Visit!

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I had so much fun today! I LOVE going to Arroyo Seco and the other leaders and I often comment how it is the happiest place in the world. Just driving up to it you can feel the warmth when the kids run to greet you and the adults wave from their houses. We have been working at this school for 3 years and have come to really love this community; for me, more so than any other in the DR. I love jumping out of the truck and being able to greet all the kids by name and have then know who I am in return. I love knowing that before Hero Holiday came, this school was only a ditch and a community’s big dream.IMG_1164Around 1:00 Frangelis, Danny, and their cousin Elise grabbed my hand and took me to Fran’s house. Her sister Ariela was there, who is 18 and now in University studying to be a teacher, and their mother, Daniela, who is such a sweetheart and is always so welcoming when I come to visit. I thought I would just be visiting with the family and spending time in their home, but Daniela had made lunch for the family and had prepared a plate for me. We had bacon, chicken, fried plantains, and lemonaid- it was very good! But even better was getting to sit in on a meal with their family, as they are so close to my heart and I love every moment I get to spend with them. After we were finished eating I kissed Daniela and thanked her for the meal, and told her I was going to get the translator so we could communicate better. I ran and got Sheree at the school and we all sat down beside their house for about a half hour. Frangelis’ many cousins and family members were runnng around and the roosters kept running in and out of the house. Daniela told Sheree to tell me that the dress I had brought Frangelis fit perfectly and then she brought Frangelis in the house to try it on to show me- she looked adorable! She said their church was having a party soon and she would be wearing that. I explained to them that I was only coming to their community one more time until I was coming back to Canada, and that I was very sad to be leaving again. But we were able to exchange addresses so hopefully we arIMG_1153e able to communicate through that!I think overall today exemplifies what I love most about the DR; the people are SO incredibly loving and welcoming and make me feel as if I am family. They are so full of laughter and love and happiness, despite everything they don’t have. They realize something that a lot of Canadians and Americans don’t; that material things don’t equal to happiness, but rather, it is your relationships with family and friends that will bring you true joy.

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 22nd, 2008