Dump Today.

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IMG_1239Today I went to the dump. It was amazing. We put on our leather gloves and rubber boots and dove in. Our job was to collect plastic recycibles like bottles and put them in plastic bags. Haitans do this for a living and we were each paired up with a local Haitan. It was such a hard thing to do, seeing these people collect garbage for a living. Each bag is only worth 10 pesos, which is a few Canadian cents. These people work day and night collecting bottles so that they can IMG_1301feed their families, and they have no other choice.When I arrived, the smell and the smoke was almost to much. But I held everything back. It was so important to me to prove to these people that I care. To prove to them that I feel they and I are equals.I was able to help two people today, I filled two bags of bottles. The second person was a young girl who looked about 13. She was running through the dump in flipflops and wasn’t wearing gloves. It broke my heart when she asked if she could have my leather gloves. But I couldn’t give them to her. But every part of me wanted to give her my rubber boots, hat, and my gloves in all. Pretty much anything she needed I would’ve given her if I could.Today was life chaning, I’m not gonna lie. I loved being there. It’s so hard to explain why I enjoyed digging through garbage. It was for the people, to prove to them that I care.IMG_1256Student- Karina

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 22nd, 2008