I am here

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Today was full. Full of new vistas, new friends and new bug bites. The sun was hot and the roads were bumpy. Our group had the opportunity to visit two LiveDifferent communities. We met inspirational visionaries, colorful characters and the families who will be forever changed by a safe home.
Why am I here? Why are you here? This was asked by an excited, joyful, smiling from ear-to-ear single mother of three. I don’t recall the exact words that came from my mouth but I know what was in my heart.
I am here because I can.
I am here because my heart is full of love, an opportunity was presented and it whispered to my heart and I listened. I am here because someone before me had a vision which whispered to his heart and he had the courage to do something about the whisper. I am here because others believed in me, supported me and my desire to serve others. I am here because I believe in the human spirit, the strength of we and the power of love.
Today, a beautiful courageous woman filed with joy and hope asked me ‘Why are you here?’ And my heart leapt and said “I am blessed beyond measure and it is my privilege to share my blessings and joy with you”.
That is why I am here. Thanks to everyone who helped me and all the WestJetters participate in this amazing opportunity.
Tracey, Quality Mentor, LiveDifferent Hero Holiday, 2014

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: October 25th, 2014