What a change

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I have the privilege to be here with WestJetters from all over the WestJet world and what an amazing experience it has been after just three short days! Today was the first of our build days, which meant we finally got to get into the community and get to work. This is my second WestJet Hero Holiday and as a team lead, I have been super stoked for this day for many months. 
On the drive into the community this morning, I took in all the familiar sights and sounds. I can’t believe the time had finally come to get to work. As we rode into the community there was a massive sense of nostalgia; moto taxis buzzing by, street vendors selling just about anything, ongoing construction projects and dozens of children waiving and screaming gringos! We were finally here. 
Once we arrived at the worksite it was both awesome and sobering. As I walked around to see what has been done in the last couple years, I was completely blown away. Such amazing and meaningful change has taken place since my initial trip in 2012. So many new homes and many of the roads that were nothing more than rock and gravel have now started to be paved. What once was one pole with dozens of wires feeding off of it for illegal electricity has now been replaced by a legitimate source of power, and community members that I once saw in some of the worst conditions were now sitting in front of a brightly-coloured concrete brick home laughing and chatting with others in the community. Simply amazing.
The people of Nuevo Renacer are a strong and resilient group. LiveDifferent has made a long-lasting commitment to this community and with the continued support of WestJet and LiveDifferent’s vision of meaningful and lifelong change; I am convinced that one day this will be a community that people will boast to be a part of. 
Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world” – this is a quote that has stuck with me for many years and after seeing the meaningful change that has happened over the last couple years, it is a quote I can say that absolutely holds true.
Justin, Chief Duty Dispatch, LiveDifferent Hero Holiday 2014

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: October 25th, 2014