It’s off to work we go!

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I’m sitting in the foyer of the resort as the last team is gathering to pile on the truck to head out to the worksite, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. The first team left at 6:30 this morning. I bet some of you parents never imagined you could get your kids to work so early in the morning! The weather is perfect, blue skies, sunshine and a nice light breeze with a temperature of 31 degrees.

Yesterday we let everyone sleep in after a long flight. After lunch, they headed out into the villages for an education tour with our friend Adrian. He is from Canada and has been living and working here with his family for the past few years. They talked about poverty, why it exists, why it’s so hard to fix. Our students fell in love with all the kids from the village as they were hanging off of arms and legs, sitting on shoulders and playing with our hair! Gusi, our photographer got some great photos. I’ll try to post some when I figure out how to do that! The video cameras are rolling, with enough tape for 80 HOURS of footage.

Today we start the main building project – a community centre/medical clinic/school. The village leader is so poor that both his kids are sponsored by Compassion. (OH! The bus is here and away they go! They’re pretty excited.) Three years ago he had a dream of a place where kids could receive an education and have a place to receive medical care. He dug a trench to get ready for the foundation and then waited. People thought he was crazy as there were “no pesos” to start such a project. Here it is, three years later, and we are helping him fulfill his dream. The foundation is poured and the walls are going up this week.

Our secondary project is Extreme Home Makeover, Hero Holiday style. Some of the homes are in such shambles that it’s really no home at all, offering no protection from rain. We met a man who was in a serious accident two years ago and is now unable to work. No disability pension here! He is unable to provide for his family or offer them shelter. We are tearing down his house today and giving him a brand new one. The kids are pumped they get to destroy a building! Vaden, our CEO, just walked in. He just got back from the “demolition site”. The kids are having a blast tearing down the walls of the house. Bet your kids couldn’t get away with that at home!

Thank you for your comments. I’ll try to get your messages posted on the bulletin board for them to read. Everyone is having an amazing time, but I’m sure they miss you all too. They are truly a great bunch of kids. Once again thank you for trusting us with your children. We recognize that it took a lot of courage on your part. We are honoured that you trusted us. We take this privilege very seriously because we know they are most precious to you. Our team leaders are doing a great job too. Everyone has fallen in love with Dr. Yogi, our Hero Holiday physician from Sioux Lookout, Ontario, who carries a guitar on his back and sings in a punk rock band! He’s taking care of us all along with our three nurses. Have a great weekend and we’ll talk again tomorrow.

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 9th, 2006